Edit a call/transcript?

  • 3 November 2021
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I need to remove the last 3 minutes of a call/transcript - is that possible? i need to share it with a client, but want to make sure the last few minutes aren’t available.


Del Rae


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Hi @Delrae Grose,


With Gong you have the ability to share a call externally with a client.  What I’d recommend doing is sharing out a snippet of the call.  By doing this you are removing the last 3 minutes of the call you don’t want to share.


Below are resources to assist with how to perform these motions:

  • A Help Center article to assist with how to perform these motions, Share a Call.
  • The screenshot below shows how to and where to create the Snippet on a call

Hope this helps! :D


Thanks! That is an excellent idea - i’ll test it out next time. When Gong responded, they sent instructions to download the recording, edit it with audio editing software and then upload it. That worked, it was a ton of work, but then i lost all the attendees, time and date of the call and who was talking for each row. (It now says “Caller 1”, etc.), This sounds like a much better solution. i’ll have to test to make sure the transcript is also removed if i “snip” it.

Del Rae