Exporting comments with specific hashtags

  • 7 April 2023
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Is it possible to export comments from a call that have specific hashtags? Even better, is it possible to set up some type of automation to export those comments? For example, as I review a call I might makes comments that start with a hashtag with a name like #currentstate or #usecase. After I finish reviewing the call, I’d like to export those comments out to a file or into another system. 

3 replies

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Hi @Paul Urfi! This is a great question. I’m working with our internal team on finding a solution for this. Thank you for your patience! 


Thank you @Molly Kipnis, this is a killer use case for us. 


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Hey @Paul Urfi! Promise I didn’t forget about this. 


I consulted with a few folks internally, and here’s what they said: 


A simple solution would be to build Streams in Gong based on the "hashtag in comment" filter.


You could have the stream send weekly/daily/or immediate email notifications to one or many Gong users.*

Alternatively, if you use Slack, you could have the notifications posted in a specific Slack channel.

Lastly, you could also create a Saved Search FIlter using the same "hashtag in comment" filter, then export the calls to CSV and do reporting on the dataset. For this, if the hashtag is important to recall, then you'd need to create 1 saved search filter per hashtag and then as you're exporting the related calls to CSV you would then know which CSV relates to which hashtag.

*You may want different streams. One per hashtag. That way, the stream is specific to one type of hashtag, and if you use Slack you can produce a rolling stream of hashtag specific notifications into different Slack channels that represent the hashtag itself. 


Tagging @Evan Dalsted here since this was his suggestion.


Please let us know what you think and if you have any follow up questions!