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  • 25 April 2022
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Hey everyone,

Is there an easy way to hide certain recordings from all ears/ eyes? (for example interviews)



Best answer by Andrew O'Driscoll 26 April 2022, 16:03

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Yes! You’ll want to create your own workspace. Check out this on how to do it!

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@Andrew Pringle 

Given the "all ears" sensitivity and giving "interviews" as an example, my instinct is to keep these calls outside of Gong.  I've never been a fan of bringing interviews into Gong:



  1. Not all interviewees love it 
  2. Not all Interviewees will be Gong recorded users, so you end up a sporadic set of recorded interviews
  3. The security sensitivity 
  4. You are generally not going to analyze interviews like you do sales calls (trackers, interaction stats etc.) 


AJ's suggestion to create another workspace can be a useful approach where you need to segment calls of fundamentally different types, but I don't think it's a good fit for the interview use case since:

  • Web conference and telephony system calls are captured into the home workspace of the call owner. (see this help center article). So unless the interviewer is set up in "interview" Workspace the call is going to go into the regular "sales" Workspace for "all ears!"


For non interview calls if you want to hide them from “all ears” you can make the call Private. See this article.  Note: Private allows all meeting participants, the call owner and any other internal participants on the call, to see the call so technically it’s not hidden from “all ears”!  This may be moot if the interview is always one internal person.


If you want to prevent interview related calls coming into Gong:

  • Train people that set up the meeting to mark it as "Private" in the calendar invite ( Marking an event ‘Private’ on your calendar hides the meeting details from Gong, so Gong can’t join the meeting.)
  • Add to the "Exclude List" in Data Protection & Privacy 
  • Consider adding recruiters emails addresses to the Exclude Lists
  • Create a Saved View or Stream, with notifications turned on, to capture possible interview calls that got through so you can delete the call, and update your Exclude Lists to catch future calls


Thank you so much!