Can a comment be pushed to slack?

  • 20 September 2021
  • 2 replies

I understand I can set up automated alerts to go to slack, but is it possible to pass the commented snippet into Slack? My ideal workflow post call is for the rep to be able to route highlighted sections around the org to different parties who can help answer. Automated alerts won’t allow for the editorialization. 


Or is the best way via dummy email address which push via a webhook? 

2 replies

Hi Greg,

In general we are looking to enhance Gong integration with slack and to allow more and more capabilities. It will be soon possible to share an individual call to a slack channel.

It seems that your flow is a bit different, maybe you can expend a bit more about it.

One question that comes to my mind - you refer to sharing a call with multiple individual people and not a channel, is it correct?

thank you, Dana

@Greg Hay just checking in with you to make sure this was helpful! Let me know!