Duplicate Contact Roles on Opportunities in Salesforce

  • 6 September 2023
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We are having issues with duplicate contact roles being created and I’m wondering if anyone else in the community has successfully customized the flow(s) that add new contacts and contact roles from Participants on conversation records. 

We took the logic from Gong's help documentation and customized it a bit to suit our Salesforce instance. We have a few unique requirements:

  1. We want to add the Gong participants from each conversation to ALL related open opportunities for that account, not just the most recent one or the opp with the matched owner from the call. 
  2. We want to add new/unknown Gong participants as new contacts, and then also add them as Contact Roles to those same open opportunities.

The logic seems to work, except that the flow is creating duplicate Contact Roles for each Opportunity - same name, same contact, the only difference is the Contact Role ID. 

One of our engineers determined that the likely cause of the duplicates is likely due to batch syncing between Gong and Salesforce. If conversations are synced over in batches and there are multiple conversations for the same contact in the same batch, the flow triggers multiple times. 

We have tried implementing time delays, scheduled batches, separate flows, but the result is the same. There have been up to 5 duplicate contact roles created for a single opportunity and we can't find an easy solution. 

1 reply

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Hi Katie!

We typically recommend using Contact Roles in order to refine our association logic for cases like this. More information on Contact Roles can be found in our support article How Gong associates activities to deals

However, this may require further investigation with our Support team in order to troubleshoot these duplicated contact roles. If you haven’t already, please submit a ticket here! Someone will be in touch very shortly 🙂