Optimizing Gong For Sales/Solution Engineers

  • 3 August 2021
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Hello community! 


I’m trying to find known/creative ways of optimizing gong’s capabilities for the SE organization. 

As Sales (or solution) engineers, we usually work across most verticals in the company, therefore the need to extract information and feed not just the sales organization, but other departments as well. 

Examples could be: 

  • Using trackers in order to identify need by a market segment (product-oriented)
  • Using trackers to understand better compliance 
  • Competitive analysis

And many more…


How about you? How does your SE leadership using gong?



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2 replies

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Hi @Eilon Bomshtein ,


Thanks for posting on this topic! I have seen SE leaders at companies use Gong a few different ways:

  • speed up onboarding by leveraging Libraries to store best-in-class calls on specific personas, competitors, use cases and parts your platform
  • help with self-development by allowing SEs to search the repository of calls for talk tracks on specific topics that lead to Closed-Won deals
  • track trends on where your SEs are being leveraged and how efficiently they are being used
  • ensure R&D is hearing the voice of the customer for feature requests
  • help first-line managers with ongoing coaching of their SEs based on the topics they should be focused on


Full disclosure: I lead the Sales Engineering team at Gong, so I am SUPER passionate about other SE orgs leveraging Gong. Check out the attached one-pager that describes the value to different SE roles and ping me if you want to chat more :-)







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This is awesome! I’ve just been diving into this too @Eilon Bomshtein ! I love the ideas @Rohan Vaidya 

I’m curious others thoughts as well tactically as to how they do this. Here’s what I’ve done so far and what I’d like to do at some point based on the capabilities I’m aware of:


  • Product / Feature Request trackers: got a couple prebuilt ones from our awesome CSM @Shayna Katz 
  • Utilizing deal boards geared toward specific focus areas / segments
  • Utilizing tags in calls and building reporting based on that
  • Reviewing the number and length and where in the cycle SEs are being pulled into conversations


  • connecting it to JIRA or other source for insights and ticketing trends for requests
  • Continuing to update any trackers to better understand the right talk tracks for SEs
  • data enrichment / segmentation updates - i’d like to build in updates on these fields so we can ensure accuracy and save SEs time