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  • 1 March 2022
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I would love the option of having an Admin seat that doesn’t cost. I have a revenue operations manager or a people Ops person who now makes sure seats are created for all employees when they join the company. Since the admin seat for Gong has to be paid, I still have to be the one to create this and we actually give everyone access to Gong at our company since we use certain gong calls for our employee onboarding no matter the role!


Any possibility of this?

4 replies

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Hi Lindsay, 

Welcome to the Gong Community! 

There is an option for your Revenue Operations Manager to use the free Technical Administrator seat, which gives them access to:

  • Call listening
  • Alerts, libraries, and comments
  • Topics
  • Account timeline
  • Manage integrations

However, they won't have access to: 

  • Call recording
  • Data capture (email and calendar)
  • Deal boards and insights
  • Team stats and analytics
  • Coaching recommendations 
  • Call scoring

If your RevOps Manager needs any of the capabilities listed above, they will need to remain a paid seat. 

I hope this helps!


Oh is this seat new? Because I asked our rep about this and they didn’t mention this!

So to clarify all I need this seat to do is be able to invite new users to Gong and set which kind of seat they would have.

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@Lindsay Rios the Technical Admin seat should work for this! CC @Elizabeth Miller 


Fab! Thank you :)