Resources from ‘6 Gong insights your leadership team needs to know, but doesn’t’

  • 23 September 2021
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Resources from ‘6 Gong insights your leadership team needs to know, but doesn’t’
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer event! As promised, here are some resources to help you get more from Gong:


  1. TRACKERS: Are your strategic initiatives being adopted? Use Trackers to measure buy-in:

    1. How do you build trackers? Guidelines for building trackers (a help center article)

    2. How to customize trackers (a Gong Academy ‘self-learning’ video module)

    3. For more insights on initiative adoption, watch this previous customer event: How to use Gong to launch, track, and reinforce strategic initiatives 


  1. DEAL DRIVERS: Which training initiatives can drive immediate ROI? Use Deal Drivers to check your deal health and spot trends across reps so you know where coaching is needed:

    1. Deal Drivers Overview


  1. COACHING: How can your company improve its coaching efforts, particularly for frontline managers? Find out:

    1. Coaching as a Frontline Manager

    2. For more information on coaching, access: The Coaching Playbook for Managers


  1. PIPELINE: How healthy is your pipeline, really? Figure it out using these best practices:

    1. Best Practices for Deal Strategy

    2. Best Practices for Accurate Forecasting


  1. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Is your sales team engaged with the right key stakeholders? Here’s how you find out:

    1. How to Optimize Studying Deals

    2. For more information on getting to what’s important, try out this Recipe: Focus on Deals that Need Your Attention


  1. real competitors? Learn how to spot them using customer interactions:

    1. Create saved searches and alerts for the competition (and other risks)

    2. For more information on getting visibility into competitive deals, read this Recipe: Send a message to Slack when a competitor is mentioned

(Missed the event? Catch up by watching the magic unfold on replay, in the Gong Academy.)

If you attended the event, tell us what you thought of it! 


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