Meet Marshall, our Revenue Rockstar from Sprout Social

  • 16 July 2021
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Meet Marshall, our Revenue Rockstar from Sprout Social
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Meet Gong Marvel, Marshall Hamilton from Sprout Social


Title, role, and company: Sr. Director, Sales Strategy at Sprout Social, Inc.

Fun fact: Marshall quit coffee last year and has been decaffeinated ever since.

Top three reasons he’s a Gong Marvel:

  1. Marshall took the lead in rolling out Gong at Sprout Social. Their first use case? Implementing a sales training methodology, which focused on coaching the Sales team to ask the right questions rather than jumping in to provide answers.

  2. With Marshall’s hard work, Gong was so successful for Sprout’s Sales team that it’s now used across multiple parts of the business, including Customer Success, Product, and Product Marketing.

  3. Marshall has spoken at Gong’s #celebrate on-tour roadshow (back when we did those things!) and at the Gong Customer Advisory Forum, of which he is a member. He is also one of our new Revenue Champions!

Connect with Marshall here:

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Welcome to the Gong Community, Marshall!