Introduce yourself to the Community

Introduce yourself to the Community

Hey Community friends,

We thought it might be fun to know who’s who -- I’ll start!

I’m Nisha, and I’ve been with Gong since April. I’m so excited to lead our Community efforts. I live in Mountain View and am really passionate about building Gong Marvels. My family consists of three generations of sales people! Hit me up if you have any questions or concerns, or you just want to say hi.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

- Nisha 

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You have to meet this squad! They rock and make our customers look good! @jane @trish @hannah

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Hi Nisha! Thank you for initing me to the community! this is a great initiative.


I am Adriana, born in Caracas, Venezuela - currently living in Toronto, Canada. I am an Engineer, tuned Sales Person, turned Enabler and my passion is help people with the information, knowledge and skills. I am a huge Gong fan - I have been using the tool since early 2018. Looking forward to share and learn!

:wave_tone4: Nice to meet you @Adriana Romero! Thanks for being the first official customer post in the Gong Community! 

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Hi everybody,

My name is Anja Mertl and I am the Senior Account Director at Design Pickle. I am located between Boston and New York in beautiful Westerly, RI and passionate about helping businesses scale their creative content.

Excited about this group and to meet you all!


Wooo hooo! Welcome @Anja Mertl! Hope you enjoy learning and poking around! Feel free to share your best practices too! 


PS.  Love that you signed up for 1:1 networking too! (for our customers who want to do the same, check out:

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Super excited to be here :sunglasses:


I’m Sarah Wylie, previous field marketer turned CSM at Alyce. As someone who is passionate about brand and customer experience, I can’t get enough of Gong!


My “5to9” as we call it at Alyce, consists of Duke basketball, fitness, red wine, country music, traveling, and my pup Easton 🐶 If you’re ever in Raleigh, NC, let us know! 

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Hi Everyone! 

Great to get introduced to this community - 


I’m Marshall Hamilton - Sr. Dir of Sales Strategy here at Sprout Social.  We’re huge Gong fans over at Sprout - have been customers for 3+ years (and counting!) 


Originally from Toronto but now reside in sometimes sunny Seattle - I’m really into puzzles and data, and love to hear stories about how others are creatively exploring improvements to business through Data and analysis!

So glad that you’re here @Sarah Wylie - welcome to the squad. Love the “5to9” I am going to use that in the future. p.s. Super sad Coach K is retiring! 

Hi @Marshall Hamilton! So pumped to have you as one of the first members of our Community!


Feel free to post some of your awesome stories and ways that you’ve been exploring improvements to your business through data and analysis!  Feel free to share by writing a post (doesn’t have to be long!)

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Hi Nisha! Thank you to the entire Gong team for inviting me to the community! 


I am Danny, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area (Go Giants ⚾️!) - currently living in Austin, Texas. I have worked for one company, Atlassian, since I graduated from college from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. I started my career on the Sales side, focusing on retention and expansion and working very closely with Atlassian’s Solutions Partners. I also dabbled in the renewals team onboarding of new hires, which led me down the Enablement path. That’s where I am today as the Sales Enablement Process and Systems Manager, looking after our core business processes and critical sales tools, including, of course, Gong! 

Hi Everyone,


I am Monica Lloyd, from Boise, Idaho working remotely for Ascentis HCM.  Ascentis is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.  I was in HR for over 20 years and then made the move to sales about 6 years ago and I wouldn’t go back if you begged me.  I love sales, pre sales in particular.  I also put together the Sales Training program so I get to use some of my old HR skills. 


Gong is amazing and I am happy to be a part of this group.  Gong is showing us so much insight into our deals, reps and coaching.  I am super excited to share and learn some tips and tricks.


Hey all, excited to be here myself! Such a great idea this is and I’m happy to support the initiative. Looking forward to connecting with other like-minded, tech forward sales professionals. I was an AE for 10/11 years, sales manager, sales director and now VP for an amazing SaaS start up helping restaurants drive profits and create better guest experiences. I’ve moved around a bit from Chicago to San Francisco to now the Phoenix area, working from home, hopping from one Zoom to the next. 

Happy to sync up with anyone, anytime. Love Gong and couldn’t imagine selling or leading a sales team without it!

Extremely excited to be part of this community. For the last four and a half years, I’ve been a Solutions Engineer and Director of Sales Enablement for Granicus, a govTech firm helping governments better engage with communities and deliver better digital experiences. After 8 years in DC, LA is home for a year. 

Look forward to some fantastic conversations here!

Wow what an amazing group of accomplished Revenue leaders!! Welcome to the Gong Community @Danny McCarthy @Monica Lloyd @Ryan VanElslander @Shawn Pillow. Please reach out if you need anything! 

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What’s up everyone. I’m Nate, started using Gong as a sales manager at LinkedIn and wondered...”where have you been all my life!?” Loved it so much, I said, what the heck, let’s take a break from managing and go sell some Gong. And I did, and did it pretty darn well.


Yep, I think I may be the first ex-Gongster in this group? What was I thinking? But seriously, loved my ~2 years there, start-up bug bit again and jumped over to a 80 person company, Productiv about 2 months ago. I knew when I left Gong it would be 1) insanely hard and 2) a non-starter to go anywhere that did not have Gong. Excited to be here, learn from everyone and to see how this community grows!

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Hi y’all!

I’m a CA transplant living in Austin with my two crazy kids, dog, and husband, as the Sr. Manager of Sales Operations at Qualia. We’ve been with Gong for - I want to say 3 years now - and simply could not run our business without it! Gong has been instrumental in helping us scale as a business. 


pic from the 4th for reference!

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Hi Friends!

Happy to be connected with all of you and excited to learn from everyone!

I’m enjoying the remote life from my apartment just across from NYC (LIC for anyone local!).

I started my journey in education teaching middle school Spanish and special education. Eventually I fell into a sales role that opened a world of possibilities for me. Fast forward a bit and I found myself wondering how I could marry teaching and sales when I stumbled upon sales enablement. I’ve been living in sales enablement for the last 4 years and have found my sweet spot in start ups.

A huge Gong lover/supporter/fan and am excited to leverage the knowledge sharing from this community!



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Hi all! 😍My name is Kelly and I am a Revenue Enablement Manager at Ceros. Looking forward to learning from you all about all the ways you use Gong :) 

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Hi Everyone,


So great to see many familiar faces in this thread already!


I am Gong’s first (of now 3) Customer Training Specialist so I get the privilege of training Gong users every day on how to use the platform to boost their success. I love what I do and helping others succeed so feel free to reach out!


I’m also super excited to be here to learn from all of you on how you’re using Gong in your day to day with your teams!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our newest community members @Nate Evans @JM Wilke @Courtney Tucci @Kelly Parks!!


Hey everyone!


My name is Noah and I’m originally from Atlanta, GA, USA. I now live in Jerusalem, Israel with my wife and four small children.

I’m in Field Enablement at Sisense, a BI Analytics provider, and I manage our Gong instance.

Looking forward to chatting and helping.

Nice to meet you @Noah Alhadeff! Don’t forget to ask a question for Monday’s Enablement AMA: 



@Nisha Baxi, at the page there for the AMA, I don’t see any option to ‘reply’.


Of course, I see your reply, but I don’t see an option to leave one myself as I am doing here.

@Noah Alhadeff messaging you with instructions!

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Hi everyone,

Mike Cardno here with Xero Australia. I look after our Partner Onboarding and Direct Sales channels.

First had the pleasure of connecting with the Gong team back in 2019 and excited to have the tool live for my teams.

Looking forward to sharing and learning with each of you.


...Pic of me and my daughter on a recent trip to the mountains here in Victoria, Australia