Roundtable Discussion on Forecasting with Gong

  • 1 August 2023
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Hi Visioneers! 

I am going to be hosting a Roundtable discussion with the topic Failing at Forecasting? Fix it with Gong. 

I am looking for a few volunteers who use Gong Forecasting to join us on our panel to share their insights and best practices. We are aiming to have this during the 3rd week of September. 

To be transparent, while my company GTM Advisors is a Gong certified partner, this is not a Roundtable hosted by Gong. It’s hosted by GTM Advisors. 

Our goal is share with the broader community the benefits of Gong Forecasting and how Gong is so much more than a call recording platform. 

If anyone is interested in joining us on the panel please let me know :) 



4 replies

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It would be great to have participants that are across the full spectrum of usage from basic deal board reviews for formal Forecasting usage. Talking about how to use Gong to gain insight around forecasted deals, reviewing risk factors and mapping to your commits.

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Yes, it would be great to have that range of usage! So even if you aren’t using Gong’s forecasting but using it to aide in your forecasting efforts I’d love to chat with you about the Roundtable! 

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Hi Liz, absolutely I’d be interested! We’re at the basic deal board review stage, and we’d be interested in learning more about Forecasting. 

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 @Will Hayes Thanks for your interest! I will send you a message now.