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We have had Gong for several years, but it has been underused. I am hoping that with our relaunch as well as the Gong certification, I can help our organization get the most out of Gong.  I am looking to learn more about ways to increase efficiency and help front line managers be effective coaches.

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Hi Jennifer - 

We are two peas in a pod. We too are struggling to get our arms around the basics. If you coach on platform, how do you drive that workflow? That is the biggest question we cannot answer.

Our leaders say the following:
-I don’t know which meeting to coach next without looking at spreadsheet
-I don’t know which meetings I haven’t coached without clicking into them.
-Snipping is too cumbersome to use at scale. “We need Snip → Click → Drive workflow.”
-Automated trackers for key statements - can entire sentences be isolated or is it just single words?
-Also questions asked and customer answers. Can we build a library of questions and answers? That would be the most valuable thing to pull together. 1). What are we asking? 2). How is that landing. Without watching every second I can’t do this and that amount of time requirement is very high.

Happy to connect on this and more. 



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Hi @Jennifer Shockley-Daniels @Ewing Gillaspy —

Wanted to share a few resources from the Gong Community that might help you answer some of these questions: 

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Hi @Jennifer Shockley-Daniels — I’m so glad you mentioned certification! We’re actually planning on releasing our next certification—specifically for frontline managers—in Q3. There will be an entire section covered to coaching workflows and best practices, along with other topics FLMs need to know. :) 

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That’s a great topic @Jennifer Shockley-Daniels ! I’ve been working with Gong’s customer success manager on getting sales managers using Gong. Starting with small steps, such as: review x amount of calls per week, provide managers with tips of reviewing deal boards etc. Basically getting them slowly comfortable with the concept of using the tool, as they are very embedded in the CRM at the moment.

I would love to hear about your certification plan @Kellie Petruzzelli as well as see how others measure their efforts on this front.