Tracking Demo's via Web Browser Shared

  • 1 February 2024
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I’m trying to build an initiative board around when and how long we Demo on our calls. I see that on the conversation tab I can use the filter for Web Browser Shared to pull this information up but can’t seem to find out if I can leverage this anywhere else in the platform such as tracker and initiatives. Curious if anyone has a solution for this? It appears if I use the API this is possible but I don’t currently have that setup. 

4 replies

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Hey @Alec Levandoski

This is a super interesting use case. I’m working on finding someone who might have some input on how to achieve this. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi again @Alec Levandoski — I checked with the team and there doesn’t seem to be an OOTB solution for this. Tagging in @Andrew O'Driscoll in case he has any ideas…

Otherwise I’d highly suggest you submit this as a feature request, which you can do on the righthand side of this page. These requests are routed directly to our Product team for prioritization. I hope this helps!! 

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@Alec Levandoski if you are planning on attending Wednesday’s HOW VISIONEERS 
meetup, we could present this to the group for brainstorming. 



Hey @Andrew O'Driscoll,

Wouldn’t miss it, I’ll be there!