A Champion's Mindset

For our Community team event this quarter, @Molly Kipnis and I met with Michelle Carter, an olympic athlete and gold medalist. Michelle has an inspiring life -  her dad (also her coach), won an olympic medal the same year he won a Superbowl ring and Michelle even suffered a debilitating injury and bounced back!


Michelle created the five champion's mindset principles and how to apply these principles to different areas of your life. Sharing with you for inspiration! 


  1. See it

    • Create a vision board. 

      • Other ways to create a vision board: consider using words, they double as affirmations and also consider writing out your bio. Imagine what it looks like. 

      • If you see it, you believe it. Visualize in detail exactly what you want to achieve so that it feels like you’ve done it 1000 times. 

  2. Speak it

    • Get comfortable saying exactly what you want to accomplish

      • Muhammad Ali verbally said he was the greatest, he internalized it, believed it and became it. 

      • “Whatever you focus on, grows”

  3. Plan it

    • Breakdown your goal: yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily

      • These goals ladder appropriately to each other - remember that “Inch by inch is a cinch” “yard by yard is hard” 

      • From Atomic habits - if you grow 1% every day at the end of the year you are 365% better

  4. Do it 

    • Work your plan

    • Be open to adjusting your plan, life happens, detours happen, but that is okay to adjust the plan

    • When you make a plan, expect it to go wrong but know you have your north start

  5. Be it

    • Truly embody who you are - reaching our goal is not about us, it paves the way for others who are like you

    • Being a champion isn't all about winning, it's about who you become in the process while striving to be your best. 



  • What are the top 5 things you need to work on? Write down the opposite and tell yourself the opposite everyday. If you are late to meetings. Tell yourself “I am always on time and often early”


We believe in you, Gong Community.



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@Nisha Baxi pumped that you shared this with the Gong Community! Michelle was amazing! 

My #1 takeaway: Visualization is KEY. Imagine yourself already having what you want (like, REALLY imagine it) so that you have a clear vision and know exactly what you’re working towards. 


Also, definitely need to make a vision board. 

@Katrine Reddin @Ashley Coghill I feel like you both would love this! 

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I absolutely LOVE this! I feel like this can be applied both one’s professional and personal life. Will definitely practice these principles!