Building Sales Career Paths for Your Team

  • 16 November 2021
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With the talent market being as uber-tight as it is (I know of a BDR Manager who recently got poached by a company offering an OTE of $350k :open_mouth: ), this resource we put together on using career pathing as a retention tool might be helpful to all of us folks.

I’d be surprised if many of us aren’t doing one or more of these items already, but bringing them together in one comprehensive process is key:

  1. Evaluate Your Business Goals

  2. Get Aligned With Your Employees

  3. Build an Action Plan (use these metrics as a foundation)

  4. Recognize Their Progress and Give Feedback

  5. Be Ready to Adapt and Adjust (cause shiz is always changing)

Hope this resource is at least a little bit helpful as we head into the new year!

1 reply

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Thanks for sharing!