ICYMI: You Asked, Amit Answered!

  • 21 March 2023
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ICYMI: You Asked, Amit Answered!
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Thanks to everyone who joined us this morning for our AMA about AI and Gong with Gong CEO @Amit Bendov, moderated by Udi Ledergor.


Here are just a few of the insights Amit shared: 

  • AI isn’t replacing Salespeople. It’s supporting them. It’s helping you automate redundant, mundane tasks, giving you more time to do the parts of your job you enjoy most: helping your customers solve their problems.

  • AI should help you in the background. Just as people aren’t required to develop special skills to drive a Tesla, AEs and ICs shouldn’t have to stay ahead of the AI curve to benefit from it. AI should serve as an assistant to help you automate mundane tasks, surface and prioritize your most critical actions for the day, and give you insights that help you make more informed decisions. The most important skill for sellers is problem-solving; understanding a customer’s business and delivering value by helping them solve problems. Focus on these skills, and let AI help you in the background.

  • Gong’s proprietary generative AI model will make you more productive and efficient. Our AI understands every customer touchpoint and can proactively prioritize to-dos based on the context of a deal. (Gong Engage is doing this now!) In the future, we’ll be launching features that help you coach in real-time, without having to waste time on manual tasks, like:

    • Automatically surfacing next steps to keep your deals moving ahead

    • Live playbooks that automatically detect when you’ve covered a discussion area so you nail your agenda every time

    • Summarized pre-call notes based on prior conversations and specific contacts 

    • Live interaction stats, like “talk duration” or “too few questions”

Catch up on the full conversation, and let us know what your biggest takeaway was in the comments below!

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