The 1/28 Community Catch-up: What's New(sletter)

  • 28 January 2022
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Hey there, Gong Community! 


Where did January go?? 😱


I hope the first month of 2022 has been good to you all. At the end of each month, I always like to look back and reflect — so here are a few highlights from our Community over the past couple of weeks! 


What’s new with you


Let’s give a warm welcome to a few of our newest Community members! 👋

@Danial Ali 

@John Kane 

@Lindsay Winters 


@Dan DiBlasi 

@Kyle McGanty 

@Hetal Parikh 

@Jeanne Kiernan 

@Bridget Guinane 

@Morgan Bradshaw 

@Alex Henson 

@Neil Howton 

@Tom Siddiqui 

@Mandy Mellum 

@Karen Lynch 

@Nicole Hayes 

@Victoria Brady 

@Connor Armstrong 

@Kelvin Azanama 

@Tracy Rebentisch 

@Heath Howland 

@Stacie Lewis 

@Jason Laronde 


If you’re tagged above, please share in the comments below: 

What’s an accomplishment (personal or professional) that you’re proud of from the month of January? 


Friendly reminder to head on over to our Introductions thread and tell us a little bit more about you and what you do! Shoutout to @Nick Hatley, Head of Sales at Docket, for checking in on our thread from the mountains of Denver, Colorado. 🏔️


What’s new in the Community 


Ever wanted to design your next Sales role? Now is your chance! 💻

Take our five-minute survey and tell us: 

  • Why do you pursue new opportunities? 

  • What matters the most when considering them?

  • How can your current organization better support you?


What are your favorite Sales/career podcasts? 🎧

I want to know who you listen to when you’re looking for strategic Sales advice or career inspiration. Shoutout to @Cissa Dieleman for her suggestion — check out the Sales Enablement podcast with Andy Paul! 


Get ready for some Product Marketing GOLD 🌟

In our latest episode of “How Gong Uses Gong,” Director of Product Marketing @victoria.chernova shares how she analyzes the voice of the customer in Gong to craft relevant messaging that resonates and drives revenue. Read about her four-step process (or if you’re a Gong customer, watch the walkthrough) here.


That’s all for now — cheers to the start of another great month! 🥳

4 replies

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I’ll go first! Something I’m proud of from the month of January — I got a puppy! It’s been challenging balancing work, life, and raising a puppy, but I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together. She now lets me know when she has to go out, sleeps in her crate with minimal fuss, and knows a few tricks! We’ve got a long way to go but I’m super happy with the progress we’ve made. Attaching a photo of my puppy Penelope for attention 🙂

Woooo hooo so many new community members this week! Welcome to the Gong Community!

@Molly Kipnis, Penelope is a gem of a pup and I can’t wait to meet her. 

I’m proud that @jane.menyo and I kicked off a project together that I’ve been dreaming about for ages. Can’t wait to share all of the fun with this group soon. 

Also wanted to shout-out the masters of some great content this month @victoria.chernova @Devin Reed @Bob Spina 

Happy weekend all! 

I am proud of myself for returning to the gym! Been a while since pre-pandemic and definitely a habit I need to re-ingrain! Also proud to start using Gong this past week! I love it so far! Thank you for having me.



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@Nick Hatley Congratulations! I think everyone knows what a struggle it can be to get back into movement after taking a break :relaxed:  


And welcome to Gong!!!!! Thrilled that you are here.