Tips from Customer Insider Event: Turn Uncertainty into Revenue

Tips from Customer Insider Event: Turn Uncertainty into Revenue
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer event: Turn Uncertainty into Revenue!

As promised, here are tips to help you leverage Gong to better understand and act on market trends.


Here are some key points on how to use Gong to drive visibility regarding revenue strategy and decision-making through a customer-centric focus, through connecting customer insights to internal teams, and through an agility mindset.


Customer Centric Focus 

Pivot from a coaching focus approach to an emphasis on customer stories.

  • Deep understanding and social listening with customers drive trust and shared goals /interests.

  • Have an enterprise-level focus on long-term relationships and navigation together while evolving as strategic partners.

  • Understand what changes have they faced in their business and where you can lean in together.

  • Align these insights with earnings, calls objectives, and forecasts.

Tip for LIVE Gong Dashboard * if you have a focus around IRI dashboard integration, search the term, see what % of calls, and pinpoint what you’re looking for (i..e client/product specific).  Like a Google search. The powerful piece here is that Gong can help establish more of a CDP based on integrating customer behavior.  Also, within points of interest look at key objections received from customers.


Connecting Customer Insights: Sales

  • Sellers profoundly understand and connect customer stories most critically on driving mutual partner success.

    • This requires LISTENING vs. TRANSCRIPT mode.  Keywords such as the customer saying “the reason I asked to meet” or “I wanted to see if you can help with…” or even searching “expertise”

  • How do you know teams are using internal insights/resources to drive thoughtful conversations?

    • For example, 25% of consumers will turn to private label brands this year as a result of inflation.  But why does that matter to THEIR brand’s share and customer retention strategy?

  • Have a new hire focus

    • Firehose: Learning product/culture/nuances of your customer’s particular challenge. 

    • Equip with real-time customer insights into challenges and opportunities.

  • Have an upskill focus

    • The team has always gone to market in specific ways need to challenge thinking.

    • Help demonstrate how customer strategy is shifting and the advantages of agility

Protip: Listen closely – are all conversations a result of outreach efforts only or are customers coming to us due to our areas of expertise as a trusted advisor?


Connecting Customer Insights: Cross-functional

  • 80/20 rule: find very few things that drive results and care about nothing else. 

    • Key question to ask internal teams— where can we enable better partnership with our customers?

  • Hear verbatim what is happening on the front line to dynamically inform and enable internal decisions we make for client growth objectives.

    • Sr. Leaders: Connecting customer stories shapes our own corporate strategy.

    • Product: Understanding evolving needs now and next.

    • Customer Success: Translating value to frictionless execution.

    • Deal Desk: Finding unique areas of value creation.

Protip: In your next cross-functional meeting when discussing uncertainty with how customers are navigating x (inflation) send a call in real-time.


Agility Mindset Required

  • Agility-focused performance teams excel most often at strategy and people-related practices.

    • No longer “this is our value prop this is how it is” – continued shift to deep social listening and understanding with swift action.

    • Transcribe and use insights in real time to inform and transform broader company strategy and ecosystems through collaboration

    • Gong is your compass to adjust in fight!


Lastly, apply with Gong!

  • Leverage economic pulse trackers (inflation/uncertainty/ supply)

    • What % of conversations are we hearing, and can we correlate with outcomes?

  • Share examples across teams via best practice folders.

    • We are less connected physically and miss hearing those anecdotes.

  • Measure effective navigation using the active listening tracker. 

    • Focus on the active listening % by seller and measuring success

    • Includes phrases such as “did I hear you, am I understanding you, to confirm”


Look out for a post-event email tomorrow morning with the event recording. 🎥

If you attended the event, tell us what you thought of it in the comments section below! 👇

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