Tips from "Storytelling with Data: Let the insights make an impact"

  • 27 September 2023
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Tips from "Storytelling with Data: Let the insights make an impact"
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Thanks for coming to our recent customer event, Storytelling with Data: Let the insights make an impact

Here are some tips to help you better understand and leverage Gong Data Cloud. 


Since your company’s use cases and business questions are endless, it’s important to understand the data, so that you can map your business questions to the right data points.


Gong has a very rich dataset that contains both raw and enriched data types. It all starts with collecting customer conversations, which is the first building block. Whether it’s calls, emails, or calendar meetings - Gong can have the full picture of your customer interactions. 


From the content of the conversations, like transcripts, and trackers, to deal insights like deal warnings and deal predictions, forecast submissions and accuracy, SDR engagement, and many more. Gong Data Cloud takes all this data, packs it in analytics-ready tables, and streams it directly into your data warehouse. This is already available today if your company is using Snowflake, and will soon be available to other data warehouses like Redshift, BigQuery, and more.


It takes just minutes to connect from the Gong UI and will save your tech teams a lot of time. It is also very easy to get started with detailed data dictionaries and cookbooks that can give you a head start.


There are alternative ways of getting this data, like the Gong API, our CRM enrichment capabilities and even plain Excel files you can export from Gong. Each method has its advantages, and we encourage you to work with your Gong CSM on choosing the method that best suits you.


So why should you get started with Gong Data Cloud today? So you can help your team answer their most critical questions and drive more revenue. Use Gong Data Cloud to improve...

  • Your GTM strategy: Which talk tracks lead to higher stage conversion when used at the right sales stage?
  • Team efficiency & productivity: Which deals are my reps spending their time on?
  • Pipeline & accounts: Which competitors should I be worried about, based on what comes up in actual customer interactions?


Here are a few tips on how to get started with your analytics journey:

  • Get the relevant business stakeholders on board and define the questions that would make an impact for your business
  • Understand which data will help you answer them. This can be a combination of data from Gong and from other tools in your tech stack
  • Choose where you’d like to consume the insights - is it available in the Gong application? Do you want it in your CRM or your BI tool?
  • Involve your technical teams in the project. With Gong Data Cloud, their job would be a whole lot easier
  • Set up your data connection (be it Gong Data Cloud, Gong API or a connector to your CRM) and start your journey!


 Look out for a post-event email later this week with the event recording. 


If you attended the event, tell us what you thought of it in the comments section below!

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