Support Tip of the Week: How to push call data to Salesforce

  • 6 December 2021
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When you set up the ‘Gong for Salesforce’ app, you might notice the “Repush historical call data to Salesforce” option.




If the option is greyed out, it means there are already conversations in your Salesforce instance. If you were previously connected to a Salesforce sandbox, you’ll want to select this option to repush the call data to your production environment.


However, if you have never connected to a Salesforce sandbox, you can ignore this and simply check the “Push call data to Salesforce” option. Then select a date in the past from which you’d like to start pushing call data.

Want to learn more? Check out our help article, here.

1 reply

Hi, I made sure there was no call data in my sandbox and there was not call data int he instance i am currently connected to but the button is still greyed out. Any other options?