Reporting on Call Interaction with Deals

  • 1 September 2021
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Hi All, 

Here’s the scenario:

  • We’re looking to track interaction time of our reps on calls and see if that has an impact on whether or not the deal progress well or not. 
    (Hypothesis: If talk ratio is less than 60% on their calls for a deal, the deal will progress well. If more than 60%, the deal won’t go anywhere)

    Has anyone ran into something like to and looked to generate a report in Gong and/or Salesforce?

    Appreciate any help with this. 

    - James

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Hi James,


Excellent Question! For anyone else reading this, I want to highlight and commend the fact that James is going into this with a hypothesis to test as thats the most effective way to use the Calls tab.


To address this, you want to go to the Calls tab, click “Additional Filters” at the bottom left and look at these filters:

Interaction > Talk Ratio: Set this to 0-60%

CRM > Stage Now: Closed Won (or your equivalent of this)


This addresses the essential elements of your question and you can refer to the graphs at the top to see how your hypothesis fared.


However there are some options to take this further:

  • CRM > Stage During: identifying specific stage(s) in which this ideal talk ratio occurred. You talked about the deal “going somewhere” so this could help you validate where this low talk ratio occurred 
  • You can also adjust the talk ratio slider (holding Stage Now = Closed Won as a constant) to see if 60 is the correct threshold or if it should be lower or higher. It might vary a bit by stage too so thats where Stage During can once again come in handy
  • Depending on how many distinct sales motions your team runs (SMB, MM, ENT) you could also use the Amount filters in that CRM section to see how the numbers differ when selling to larger vs smaller customers

Let me know what you think!




Thank you Brandon! This is fantastic!!!! Really appreciate it!