Introduce yourself to the Community

Introduce yourself to the Community

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Hey Team!

My name is Michael and excited to join the Gongster Community! Originally from Miami, FL and currently reside in Denver, CO.

Love winter and snowboard whenever I get the chance too!

Excited to what's to come and help my team grow.


Hello Gong Community,


Wyatt Baguley with in the US.  I lead a team that manages the Revenue teams tech stack, from administrator to solution consultant, as the Director of GTM Systems and LOVE what I do.  

Gong by far is my favorite platform to manage and use.  It took awhile to build the business case for Truckstop while I was an Enablement leader, but shortly moving over to the GTM systems team I was able to land this tool for our Revenue users to start using last October.  


Very excited to be a part of this community and to learn from one another.


A little about myself, I love to travel with my family.  Here’s a recent picture of us at the Oregon Coast.




I’m Holly, an inside sales leader for a fully remote ed tech company.  I’ve been using Gong for about a year, but looking to level-up in my skills for sure.  I live in Tucson, AZ 




Hi, everyone!


I’m Kiara. I’m a supervisor for a digital health coaching company called Pack Health. My team handles thousands of inbound and outbound calls each month. We’re located in Birmingham, AL and were recently acquired by Quest Diagnostics. I’ve been using Gong for two years now and am excited to learn even more about it!



Hi Everyone, 


My name is Zach Villani and I am Sales Training Program Manager for Intralinks. I help develop sales training, leadership develop content, and manage Gong for our sales team. 


I have only been using Gong for 6 months, but can really see the value in it already. 


Looking forward to learning from this community. 



Good afternoon, all! I’ve been using Gong for a while now and am excited to take it to the next level. My role with Facet Wealth involves coaching and training our sales (or Client Success) team. No, this isn’t my LinkedIn pic! Just a little fun from last year’s theme day. 😂


Hi All,

mandatory platform-training-post here :) See you around.


Hi Gong Community!


My name is Andrew and I am in Sales Enablement @ Matillion.  We’ve been using Gong for the last year and are excited to relaunch Gong as Revenue Intelligence platform to our team.


I am based in Denver, CO and welcome connecting online and or offline.


Looking forward to working with you all! 


Hello Everyone 👋

Abhishek from Bangalore, India, here. I oversee Postman's revenue enablement projects.

We implemented Gong in Postman two years ago, and it has since become the most extensively used tool in the company. Gong brings tremendous value to our GTM and product teams; each team has its own use case in Gong!

I love to talk about sales, revenue, customers , productivity, scalability and tech! Outside of work, you will find me hiking and working from remote locations.

I am here to connect with you all and hear your Gong stories!


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Hey Everyone,  New to Gong and will be supporting the Sales Team through the implementation of Gong and ensuring all teams are enabled on Gong.  Looking forward to learning best practices and to ensure we take advantage of all the features to ensure adoption and efficiency. 



Hi guys, I work in SDR Enablement over @ Demandbase & I’m taking the Gong manager course to get more versed in my trainings & networking into the Gong Community :) 

Let me know if there are any tips or tricks to someone just getting started, thanks! 


All my best, 


Hi Gong Gang! 


Pete Thornton here with Postman. I am Sr Mgr GTM Enablement of a team that includes my fantastic colleague @Abhishek Humney


I’ve had the great fortune of implementing Gong with 2 SaaS organizations in the last 2.5 years. It’s an amazing platform and a game changer for remote-first, hypergrowth organizations. In fact, it often comes up in my side-project SaaS(ramp) Podcast when speaking with enablement pros and GTM leaders. That said, I’ve never gotten a Cert, so this is special!


If there’s anything cool to share it would be that we specialize in creating what we call “Playbook Experience Pathways” with Gong. We utilize a system of Gong-captured Closed Won Account Cycles, Scorecards, Library, and Tags that we link into our LMS to empower new hires and existing reps to see what’s working and why before committing time to our traditional resources. Kind of like internal “PLG” if you will.


Sharing a podcast episode cover here with the “No Onboarding” theme that represents our preference for new hire ramp that uses successful Gong customer-facing examples to drive directly towards true outcomes. 


Love to get to know you all and see if you have any Gong-led strategies. They are just amazing.


Hello everyone, My name is Jade and I am from South Africa. I am a Continuous Improvement Audiologist for a Health Tech Company! I am a big fan and a user of Gong! I have been using Gong with my team for the past year, and it has been truly amazing! Looking forward to connecting with everyone on here, and most importantly learn from everyone!

My name is Alex and I grew up in metro Detroit, Michigan, but I have lived in DC/Maryland for about 11 years now. I am approaching my 1 year mark of using Gong and am a Raving Fan! I started my career in SaaS sales with the largest PR/media intelligence company for 7.5 years, starting as an SMB individual contributor, getting promoted a handful of times, then found sales leadership was the right move for me. Now, I lead a mid-market client development team at Syndigo, a B2B SaaS provider that powers commerce and product information between suppliers and retailers. In addition to managing, coaching, and co-selling with a team, I also leverage my experience to help cross-functionally to support our growing business. I’m looking forward to being more involved in Gong’s communities!


Hey Y’all,

Jimmy from Conductor Inc, based in NY, NY. I work in CS Enablemlent with a focus on corporate training, getting our new team members ramped up to be customer facing. 

Have been a Gong user for over 4 years now through the lens of an account manager and now from a coaching perspective. Big advocate of Gong, we use it heavily in our org. 

Excited to learn more!

Hey everyone! I’m a part of Trimble Construction Enterprise Solutions and just started a new role of Sales Enablement Operations Manager. I’ll be taking over the strategy and administration of our suite of tools for sellers. I work out of our office in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I’m excited to be a part of the community!



Hi All!

My name is Peter Foster and I am a Business Systems Admin for BELAY Solutions. We have been using Gong for 10 months now and since I stepped into this role in June (previously was SFDC Admin) I have had the pleasure of working with our (AMAZING) Gong rep Julie to learn so much more about what Gong can do! 


Originally I am from Zimbabwe- came to the US in 2005 and have been here since. I met my ex-fiance, now my wife, while in college and we just had our first child in February. We live in Peachtree Corners, GA.


Looking forward to connecting, sharing and learning!


HI Everyone, 


I’ve just joined the community and is the internal Product Owner of Gong within Kuehne+Nagel.

We’re just about to launch the first users, so there’s a lot of hype around the topic. 

I come from a background in Freight Forwarding, IT and Finance (a bit of a zig zag career I know) and latest 9 years doing sales controlling and CRM management. 

I’ll be looking forward to tapping in on all of your experiences !

Best regards


Hello everyone, 

My name is Deven and I am looking forward to learning from the community. 

Hello everyone! 


I’m Cam, an IT Systems Administrator at BELAY Solutions, located in Atlanta, GA. In my role, I oversee all employee IT access and plenty more things as well. 


We added Gong to our stack of tools and apps earlier this year and have since loved it. As we continue to push to get more functionality out of the tool, I have became much more interested in learning the tool and all it can offer. In fact, that’s why I am here now! 

I’m excited to work and connect with you all in this community! 




Hi all! 🤗
My name is Carla Ariza and I am Sales Enablement Manager at Holded.
I’m glad to learn from all of you and see everything to use Gong as a professional 🙌


Hey everyone! I’m Justin Camarata (he/him) and I’m a member of Gong’s Enterprise Customer Success team. I’m based in the Seattle area - Tacoma specifically if you know the area - and I’m looking forward to learning and growing along with everyone here.

Hello All--I am a BDR with WorkJam -- digital frontline workplace based in Montreal.


I currently live and work in Minneapolis.


Excited to learn from all of you!


Tim Knight


Hey everybody!


I’m a brand new Gongster coming on as a CSM and am happy to be connecting with all of you! I’ve used Gong since the very start of my career in both a Sales and Customer Success capacity. I’ve been a huge fan of the platform from the get-go and even pushed to implement Gong at my last company. And still, I couldn’t quite get enough so I decided to work here. 


Based in Denver, CO - If you’re in the area, feel free to reach out!

Hello Everyone!

Shelly here from Eftsure (based in Sydney), a Financial Technology Saas Company that prevents you from becoming the next victim of payment fraud. I’m a Senior Product Marketing Manager with a background in Product Training, Leadership and Sales.

From what I've seen so far, this channel will be a fantastic resource and a great place to meet like-minded individuals. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to network/grab a coffee or even if you want to know more about what we do here at Eftsure!

I’d especially love to connect with any other PMMs using Gong to find out any recommended best practices :)