Introduce yourself to the Community

Introduce yourself to the Community

Hey Community friends,

We thought it might be fun to know who’s who -- I’ll start!

I’m Nisha, and I’ve been with Gong since April. I’m so excited to lead our Community efforts. I live in Mountain View and am really passionate about building Gong Marvels. My family consists of three generations of sales people! Hit me up if you have any questions or concerns, or you just want to say hi.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

- Nisha 

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Good Day all - Just getting started in the GONG Certification and wanted to say hello. I am a Sales Development Manager for PandaDoc Sales Development and I started here in May. I am based out if San Antonio, Texas via Miami, Florida and Have been and Inside Sales and Sales Development practitioner most of my 20+ year Career.  Wishing all a wonderful day, week, Month, Quarter, and Year!


Hey all!

I’m Teddy, a Sales Manager at Muck Rack, an end-to-end software platform for PR/Comms professionals. I was an IC for years before transitioning into a management role last year. I have carved out some time in my schedule to get Gong Certified to help my team level up.


Howdy Gong Community,


I am actually a new Gongster myself on the Strategic Customer Success Team. I am super excited to get this certification so that I can support our raving fans!




Hello Gong Community! 👋🏾

New Gong enthusiast and also the Sales Operations Analyst for PAAY Inc (NY, NY). I also wear the hat of the Salesforce Administrator. I was really impressed in the Gong platform and what it will offer our sales team in regards to data and analytics 🤓 . Looking forward to seeing how the integration with Salesforce will work and of course all of the tools the Sales team will benefit from. 


Love the idea of a Gong Community and look forward to e-meeting everyone! 



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Hey Community friends ✋


I’m Bella, and I’m from Randori (IBM). I live in Palo Alto and look forward to exploring Gong’s automation processes. I am in the product team, responsible for building technical enablement content and analyzing our business data. I hope to use Gong as a critical component in helping me improve these efforts where we need them the most. 


Looking forward to working together and helping each other optimize our Gong operations 🤝


- Bella

Hi everyone!


My name is Daniel Carnell and I am a BDR manager at Simplr. Currently splitting time in Livingston, MT and Campobello, SC. Passionate about helping BDR’s reach their full potential! We have had gong for 2 years now and I am excited to learn how to use this tool and better serve my team.


-Daniel 🤘🏼

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Ted Blosser, CEO of WorkRamp here. Love Gong!

Hi everyone,


I’m Andoni Montano from RFPIO, I’m Sales Manager for our Account Management team.


Been using Gong for three months and I really enjoy it. 


I’m based out of Portland Or.  

Hey Everyone,

My name is Scotty Cotreau and I am the Director of Sales Development at Rapid7. We’re an infosec company out of Massachusetts. In my role, I focus on building as much pipeline as possible and building the highest possible quality bench of future sellers. I’ve been on Gong since ~Q2 2020 and have it woven deep into the curriculum of our program. 

Outside of work I love spending time with my family, Boston sports (Go Cs), and home cooking. I’m looking forward to the mindshare with other sellers on this platform! 


Hello Everyone. I am very excited to be part of this community. I am a Director with DeVry University and getting ready to celebrate my 20th work anniversary with this amazing organization. I am looking forward to some fantastic conversations here!




It is Fatih here from Manchester, UK. New to sales in Netacea. it is great to be here. hope to interact more here.

Hi all, my name is Kara and I recently joined Linksquares as its first Customer Experience Strategist working with the Voice of the Customer. Linksquares is a rapidly growing Contract Lifecycle Management tool. 

This is a new role for them, and a new path for me, and am looking forward to becoming their Gong Analytics expert! I have a bit of a ways to go, but I have a history as a CSM in edtech, and previous to that, I was a Career Counselor for a tech bootcamp.

I have a bit of a nontraditional background, with an MEd in education, but I absolutely see the transferrable skills and value to that. Hoping to bring that and more to my new team! There is a great future in listening to the voice of the customer and I am really glad I found this. 

Hello everyone,

Happy to be a part of this community, and really excited as we are going through our implementation process.  My name is Matthew Ciciretti, EVP of Business Development for a healthcare market research agency.  I joined the company in 2015 when were only 10 people and less then a million dollars a year in revenue, and have lead the growth of our organization and sales strategy, messaging and philosophy since then.  

I am a father of 5 (3 step children, 2 biological), ages 18, 15, 13, 10 and 7. My wife and I live in Marlton NJ, and we have 3 cats and 2 dogs as well. 


Hi All,


Ben here. I’m in partner channel sales at Gong and excited to be apart of this amazing company and strong community of revenue intelligence visioneers.  


I live in Chicago, born and raised in California, and I’m a fanatical volleyball player and international rugby watcher. 


I am Mehmet and excited to be a part of GONG Community. Really great tool and looking forward to learning so much about it!

Hi Gong Community Friends, 


It is great to get introduced here.


My name is Tarun and I have joined Brella since Oct 23. I live in India and loved remote working. 


I am passionate about creating experiences for my clients. 


We are a complete family with 2 kids( Boy and Son). 


Excited to hear more about you guys. 


You can find me on Linked from here-




Hello everyone,

my name is Michal Sýkora. I am a teamleader of Czech / Slovak team at TTEC (Cracow, Poland). Looking forward to new information regarding GONG.

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I work in Employee Development for Penn Foster/Ashworth College (Scranton, Pennsylvania). We are responsible for training and quality assurance, so I am excited to learn how Gong can help us better serve our Student Services Department and -ultimately- our students! 


Hey I’m Daniel from B2Chat

Hi folks,


I am Don Torrance, Senior Manager, Sales Enablement working remotely for Resilia. Resilia is a social impact organization. I love sales, Sales Enablement in particular. Formerly an SDR, SDR Manager, & AE. 


Gong is amazing and I am happy to be a part of this group.  Gong is showing us so much insight into our deals, reps and coaching.  I am super excited to share and learn some tips and tricks.