Introduce yourself to the Community

Introduce yourself to the Community

Hey Community friends,

We thought it might be fun to know who’s who -- I’ll start!

I’m Nisha, and I’ve been with Gong since April. I’m so excited to lead our Community efforts. I live in Mountain View and am really passionate about building Gong Marvels. My family consists of three generations of sales people! Hit me up if you have any questions or concerns, or you just want to say hi.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

- Nisha 

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Hello everyone!

Hi Gong community! ✌


My name is Alejandro, feel free to call me Al! I’m spearheading the new BDR team for Embold Health out of Nashville. I’ve been rolling around in the b2b space for a bit and I love networking with like minded people. I’m super open to connections so if you’re reading this, find me on LinkedIn and let’s continue the conversation!

Hi, my name is John Schwepker. I am the Executive Vice President of Sales at Abstrakt Marketing Group in St. Louis, MO. We are the leading provider of outsourced lead generation for all B to B companies. We have been using Gong for the past 6 months, mostly for grading pitches so I’m looking forward to all the additional features of using Gong!

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Hello All,

Happy to be connected with the community!

My name is Mohit Supe. I work at Indeed as a Business Analyst and am using Gong to analyze data.

I am quite new to the platform but am enjoying it! Looking forward to learning more about Gong and practice it in my day to day life!



Hi my name is lev,

I'm new to Gong's Community and am seeking marketing and sales solutions for my team. I look forward to learning from the best experts!

Hello fabulous GONG community! Becks Wise from Unily, based in the UK. Pleased to be onboarding GONG and looking forward to maximising the sales team’s ability to leverage GONG for critical insights, cross team collaboration and coaching.

Wishing everyone a fabulous and successful Q4!