MEDDIC Scorecard Examples

  • 29 August 2022
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Hi community! Wondering if anyone out there has implemented MEDDIC-specific scorecards at their organization and would be willing to share a couple of examples I could use as a starting point? Thanks in advance!

8 replies

Hi Kevin,

I’ve implemented this at a previous company.  Let’s arrange a time so that I can walk you through it.



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Tagging @Viktorija and @Elin Hammenfors as I know they have both done this at their organizations too! Great question @Kevin Heraly

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Thank you for tagging @Molly Kipnis !

Hi @Kevin Heraly, when we implemented MEDDPICC, we have weaved it into our current sales process, so the scorecards we had for disco and demo have incorporated elements of MEDDPICC. Happy to talk through this with you to see if this approach would be useful for you:


Best wishes,


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Hi, Kevin! 

It is so great to hear about your initiative around MEDDIC! Please click here for some Gong Academy content created by our wonderful Instructional Design team for some resources!


Have a great day and happy Gonging!

Hi everyone! If I could also join any of the conversations with folks who’ve done this in the past I would be very appreciative! We’re in the process of creating and launching our scorecards / aligning to MEDDPICC it would be timely. 

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We’ve built the MEDDPICC (p=process) directly into our incidence of SFDC. You can then create exit criteria for each stage of your sales funnel that include the MEDDPICC information. Great way to gain compliance with the program. Stages can be gated, or not, to your preference.

Hi! Thanks @Nicole Pettit for sharing the Gong Academy on MEDDIC, definitely going to have a look. 

Would love to have a look at how others have implemented this. Let me know if you’re happy to walk me through it?

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Hi @Benedetta Pediconi!! Thank you so much for reaching out! I have contacted your Gong Account team for their assistance here - they are currently out of the office on some well-deserved PTO, but they will respond when they return. 

Have a wonderful day and weekend!