People as a competitive advantage

People as a competitive advantage
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Throughout my 30+ years in leadership, I constantly get asked: 


What’s your top strategic priority? 


Questioners seem to expect the typical answers: revenue growth, cost reduction, operational efficiency. But these have never been (nor ever will be) my top three priorities.


Throughout my entire career, regardless of company, stage, or sector, my top three priorities have always been the same. 


#1 Priority: People

#2 Priority: People

#3 Priority: People


People develop products. People sell and market those products. People engage with your customers. People hire people. And people manage those people. 


But the market is telling us that our people are at risk.


We did some digging and found that 45% of sales professionals have explored a new opportunity in the past 6 months. That means HALF of your team may be ready to walk out the door… 


Unless you start prioritizing what matters most to them.


I’ve jotted it all down in the latest issue of The Edge – my monthly newsletter for executives. This issue focuses on how to attract, hire, develop, and retain world-class talent. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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Love The Edge! ❤ thank you for sharing your frameworks and principles for all of us to learn from! 

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+1 @Nisha Baxi! An incredible resource for Sales Executives (and non-Sales Execs like me!!)