What Gong Collective integration has the most impact on your organization?

  • 4 October 2022
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Picking Zoom seems pedantic since that’s what we use internally, but being able to quickly and easily record calls that are being hosted on a client’s or prospect’s platform like Meet, Teams, Webex etc. using the assistant with very minimal setup is integral in capturing every call. Many times we’ll have partners hosting a call, and platforms and links can change very quickly, so knowing that the call will be in Gong as long as the assistant is there is a relief.

Salesforce is a close second, and I’m sure much more important for the direct sales team!


The Gong and Salesforce integration has helped the most! Gong gives us the opportunitiy to coach at an optimal level, especially regarding a wide variety of stages.


Salesforce integration. It helps minimize the amounts of different viewpoints for reps and sync the necessary data fields back into Gong.

The Salesforce integration. Both platforms are powerful for the sales teams and integrating them have helped streamline the sales processes and improve visibility for the team.

The Hubspot integration for us is everything! We’re able to identify opportunities that are in line with our overall business goals directly aligning our findings in Gong to other members of the org who don’t have access. 

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Gong for Salesforce managed package installation has been huge for us to easily see Gong conversations tied to each opportunity within Salesforce. We are also taking advantage of the automatic contact flow where each participant in a Gong conversation is added as a contact/lead or updated if they are already in our system.

We are digging into the Hubspot integration more and more. I love the deal warning flags

Salesforce integration is the most important integration for team adoption.