Introduce yourself to the Community

Introduce yourself to the Community

Hey Community friends,

We thought it might be fun to know who’s who -- I’ll start!

I’m Nisha, and I’ve been with Gong since April. I’m so excited to lead our Community efforts. I live in Mountain View and am really passionate about building Gong Marvels. My family consists of three generations of sales people! Hit me up if you have any questions or concerns, or you just want to say hi.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

- Nisha 

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I’m Jon and looking forward to mastering Gong for my organization and my clients.

I am sales and customer success professional with over 15 years of experience based in Toronto.

Take care,

Hey team! 

Keegan Hasbrook from Shopify here. I live & work (remotely) in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I’ve been using Gong to coach my team for about 6 months now and am excited to level up my skills.





My name is Jordan McSwain and I am the Sales Manager at Queen Logistics in Charlotte, NC. We are prepping for Gong implementation and I am excited to use the tool! 


Hi Everyone! I’m Rose and I’m stepping into role of Gong Manager for a sales team that I have been with for 2 years now. I started as a setter, moved to closing and now transitioning to this as I feel it’ll better suit my time with having babies at home :) 


Hi everyone,


I’m Indu and I work remotely from the lovely island of Dominica. I am Managing Director at a new consultancy called GTM Advisors. We help companies identify breakpoints in their GTM strategy and implement tangible remedies to solve them.


Gong has been a huge resource in understanding skill levels of the sales orgs we are working with, but I’m hoping to  understand Gong’s larger suite of capabilities, especially as it pertains to analytics Frontline Managers can leverage.


Look forward to learning together,



Hi Everyone, 


Happy to connect with you all and join this community. 

I am Elizabeth Italiano residing in Toronto, Ontario. I am a Managing Partner with GTM Advisors. Part of what our consultancy focuses on is coaching reps (SDRs, AEs, AMs, and CSMs) and front line managers. While we are very familiar with Gong we want to ensure we have the most up-to-date knowledge so we are in the best possible position to help our clients. 

Really looking forward to continuing the course and learning from the community. 


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Exciting to be joining the Gong community from central Ohio, U.S.A.!


Keen on tips to support my team using Gong, as well as fine tuning the system to get what we need in regards to alerts, etc.


Also always happy to chat over a warm beverage about work, comedies, and yoga!


Hello Everyone

My name is Jessica and I work for Sunrun’s Quality Assurance team. I am looking forward to mastering Gong to help my organization. 

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My name is Steve and I work for Sunrun Inc.'s Quality Assurance team. I am looking forward to mastering Gong to help my organization. 

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My name is Marvin and I work for Sunruns Quality Assurance team. I am looking forward to mastering Gong to help my organization.

Hey everyone! 

CJ here - I am the Revenue Enablement Manager for PartnerStack. Very excited to dive in and learn how to better enable and engage our sales and customer success teams, as well as support management to continue to hold effective gong coaching sessions with their reps.  

Hello! My name is Theresa and I am a remote Inside Sales Representative for Iron Mountain. I am excited to get started on the Frontline Manager Certification because I am always looking to learn and grow in my role. 😀

Hello! I’m Jason Smith and I’ve been leading Sales teams for a decade now. For a while I’ve wanted to become a gong customer to see how much it can help sellers so I’ve decided to get my certification so I know I’m using gong as effectively as I can for the sake of my team. 

Hi! I’m Erika Burbach, Director of Sales Engineering at Vimeo. Looking forward to improving my Gong skills!

Hi Gong community!

I’m Paul Senatori, Manger of Competitive Intelligence at WalkMe, formerly from HubSpot, Sitecore, Salesforce, Oracle and too many others to mention, always in a CI role.

I’m supported by my wife Mary and 2 daughters (1 off to college).  

I’ve been exploring applications of Gong within the context of competitive enablement for my rev teams.  Amazing data and insights.  Looking to get more familiar with how/where I can integrate Gong insights into my workflow, and how I can leverage the data/insights to better support my revteams.





Hello Everyone!

My name is Ashley from Boise, Idaho! I began my journey in tech in 2018 where I found my passion for onboarding, sales enablement, and training. I am currently a Revenue Enablement Specialist at Accredible looking to sharpen my skills in Gong to better serve the team.


Hi all! I’m Laura, president at Walla, and I’m excited to learn how to leverage all of the data gong provides to help drive our sales, support roadmap decisions, and save my sales team time. I’ve been blown away so far by the experience. Our software helps boutique fitness studios manage schedules, bookings, and clients.
I’ve got 2 kiddos, the best rescue dog ever, and am an ex college vball player turned yogi. 



Hi Everyone!


My name is Ambria Turner and I lead an amazing group of account managers at AlphaSense. Have had the pleasure of working with Gong at my current and previous firms. I am a huge proponent of the platform.


Very excited to learn from this community and help my team get stronger through utilizing Gong more effectively.