What Gong Collective integration has the most impact on your organization?

  • 4 October 2022
  • 33 replies

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Gong + your favorite integration = better together.

Which Gong Collective integration is / do you anticipate will be most important to the success of Gong at your organization?

Share it in the comments below and tell us how it helps!

33 replies

The ProductBoard integration is huge for our org!

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The Hubspot integration is key for us and the most utilized. Excited for the possibility with Slack though.


@GLENN DONOGHUE I’d love to learn your pro tips re: Hubspot integration

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Salesforce integration has been incredibly helpful to our sales reps and new hire onboarding

The Gong + SFDC Integration is my favorite as it helps folks see the story of a deal/account in one place; Salesforce. As an SDR, I used this integration to quickly access calls that could help me understand where the deal was at. It also helped me get the insights needed whenever there were territory changes and get up to speed on a newly transferred account before jumping on the phone to prospect them. As a CSM, it made it easier to access calls in the SFDC record itself, which was primarily useful during pre-sales to post-sales handoff. Sometimes notes lack the necessary context that a quick listen to a call provides. 

The integration that we use the most is Gong + Hubspot, it is of great help for the follow-up of hot deals and statistics of the sales team.

Gong+SFDC.  Seeing Gong data in Salesforce has made our reps and their managers more accountable for how their deals are being managed.  We’ve also made extensive use of trackers which is letting our reps and managers see get real insight into what sales language works.


I anticipate the most important integrations will be with our 2 most important systems Genesys Cloud CX and SugarCRM. Our CRM integration is a bit of challenge, but should be worth the effort we put in. The ability to navigate a high volume of calls to provide insight, clarity, and feedback for our sales agents is crucial. It allows us to paint a detailed and accurate picture to leadership especially in a multi language company environment. 

Not to mention as we evolve we believe GONG lead management tools will be essential to increased success. 

Salesforce integration will be the most crucial for us.

The SFDC integration is an absolute must have. When I procure & implement a new platform for my CS team, I usually won’t even consider something that can’t sync or launch from SFDC. 

Creating a central hub for your teams is essential to giving them an efficient and productive day. New tools are great. But new tools that require a million tabs, extra navigation or hours of copy/pasting isn’t helping anyone. 

I’ll follow up by saying that the more integrations, the better (assuming you have mapped & directed the flow of information properly). Allowing your team to work in the tools they feel the most comfortable, but still have everyone always see the same information, is amazing. 

A CSM can see a sales call in Salesforce. A Product Manager can see in Productboard. Everyone can access inside of a Notion database. Dismantle those siloes!


We love seeing Gong data in Salesforce! 🙌🏻


The SFDC integration is the key to success for any sales organization. It increases the visibility of the sales cycle, helps to prevent deals being stalled, and creates accountability of AEs. It also enables the forecast capability that is one of the best I've ever seen. The deal board is my favourite tab where you can track your deals making sure no action item is left behind. 


Gong and Salesforce is wonderful as it has been helpful to various departments 

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The Salesforce integration with Gong has been the most impactful for my org. As a member of the sales ops team -- the team responsible for managing our CRM and sales tech stack -- adoption of our CRM is an ongoing battle. Gong allows our sales reps to update the most critical of our deal information and allows sales ops to provide greater visibility into how we are performing as a business and provide valuable insights to sellers and sales leadership.

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Salesforce and Zoom, by far! We wouldn’t be able to live without it. Those are essential softwares to our pipeline management and customer interaction.


Enterpret seems like a great tool, particularly when you are going to market with a new product or service and insight for both your product and your competitor’s products are pivotal.  I could see that being a huge help!  We already utilize Gong key words around competitors and take advantage of the library to categorize those learnings.  It’s extremely helpful in our marketing efforts as well as sales. 

The Salesforce integration is the most valuable! I’m particularly interested in the deals tab and how we can leverage those insights to empower our sales teams. 


The Gong Salesforce integration is crucial.  As an organization who wants our sales teams to live in the CRM and consider it the book of record, this integration gets us even closer to achieving that.  There are so many sales tools out there and it can get confusing knowing which tool you should be logging into and when. With this integration, you can view all critical data in Salesforce.  Seeing those insights and being able to access calls directly from the record itself makes an intuitive UI that drives adoption and highlights the value of the tool.  


Gong + SFDC = better together. 


The Salesforce integration is the most impactful for us. It provides us insights into the opportunities and deals we are working. 


I second the Salesforce integration! Easy visuals and especially the “Gong Conversations” are helpful for leads as well as reports on meetings held


All the possibilities and wealth of information that the Salesforce integration has to offer is amazing.


SFDC integration has been key, and looking forward to leveraging the Seismic and Lessonly integrations as well. 


salesforce integration is currently the most important in order to increase adoption and prevent sales reps & managers from having to use too many unique tools.


The Slack integration is pivotal in making sure our team doesn’t miss Assists, comments, and Forecast deadlines!