12 Days of Gong: A throwback to the best of 2022

  • 18 December 2023
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12 Days of Gong: A throwback to the best of 2022
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🎶 On the seventh day of 12 Days of Gong, the Visioneer Community gave to me…

...a throwback of last year’s best content from the Community! 🎶

In case you missed it, last year, we rounded up the “best-of 2022” content from the Visioneer Community and the Gong Academy. We highlighted best practices for Gong Deals, Trackers, Data in Gong, productivity hacks for Sales Enablement Managers, Frontline Managers, Executives, and more! 

Dive into the gems you may have missed from the Gong team and your Visioneer peers, perfectly paired with eggnog and holiday cheer.

Day 1: Sleigh all day with Smart Trackers & the Initiatives Dashboard

Day 2: 🌲 Fir-get about surprises with our Macroeconomic Tracker

Day 3: 🪵 Yule be blown away after learning what Gong Data can do for you

Day 4: Ready to spruce things up for your next launch or company initiative?!

Day 5: Up-level yourself with Gong and get that [ginger]bread! 🍞

Day 6: 🎶 Sing “let it go” to your old forecasting process - Gong Forecast is here!

Day 7: 🦌 Make it Rein with better deal control & execution 🤑

Day 8: It’s the most won[deal]ful time of the year

Day 9: 🦌 CSMs: Hold on to Your Customers for Deer Life

Day 10: 💙 Love at frost sight: see what’s possible with Gong Assist

Day 11: 🎁 FLMs: Go from Resting Grinch Face to Buddy the Elf with our tips & tricks for you!

Day 12: Treat yo' elf 🍭 with some learnings from Gong’s very own executive leadership team


We’ll see you all tomorrow for another best practice from a Visioneer — in the meantime, you can check out this year’s best practices here. 

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