Program Manager Launch Certification: Share Your Goals

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I want to learn the best practices of implementing Gong. My goal is to become a super user of the platform and have deep knowledge of how others are utilizing it. The biggest takeaway I want from this program is understanding the features and use cases for implementing Gong. 

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Thanks again to everyone for sharing their goals and priorities for getting certified! I specifically love hearing folks ( @Isabella Grandchamp @Kieran Smith @Erik Hasse @Joseph Constantino) mention wanting to be the go-to person at their organization for Gong! 

Also, for everyone who mentioned being interested in best practices, we cover this topic in depth in the penultimate course, but we also have a lot of other best practices content that covers different use cases here in Gong Academy.

Lastly, for folks ( @Nichole Tiggs ) who mention wanting to focus on all of the possible integrations, a reminder to check out the Gong Collective, which covers all of the ways you can integrate Gong with your tech stack. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

My Goal in becoming launch certified is to feel confident in setting up Gong for Pilots. In thinking about what I want to learn and what I hope to take away, I want to have the confidence in acting as more a of strategic advisor when strategizing on ways of setting up the initial pilot. I also hope that by taking this certification I can feel more confident in ability to answer some of the technical questions prospects ask when evaluating Gong. 

I’m the Director of Sales at Outfit, enterprise brand management platform. Our business has been leveraging Gong for the past 18 months and I believe it is the most important piece of technology in our sales stack next to Hubspot. 

  1. What is at least one thing you want to learn during the Program Manager Launch Certification? 

I wasn’t involved in the initial implementation of Gong, so I’m looking to better understand it’s full capabilities to ensure my organisation is using it to it’s full capability and potential.

  1. What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified?

We are enterprise SaaS business with a long sales cycle. I’m looking to reduce the sales cycle and reps ramp time and believe this can be supported by better enablement through Gong. 

  1. What is one take away you’re hoping to gain from the Program Manager Launch Certification?

I want to understand how Gong’s features can be best utilised to improve sales enablement


What is at least one thing you want to learn during the Program Manager Launch Certification?  

How to best utilise Tracker insights to personalise coaching that will ramp sales results within the team

What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified?

To grow my understanding and capability within the platform so I can maximise the ROI for our business and help others get the most from Gong.

What is one take away you’re hoping to gain from the Program Manager Launch Certification?

To become a SME with Gong 

  • What is at least one thing you want to learn during the Program Manager Launch Certification?  I’m really interested to learn more automation tips and tricks that would help improve our team’s efficiency. 

  • What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified? To fully understand Gong’s full potential that can help me perform my job as a Lead Analyst more effectively. 

  • What is one take away you’re hoping to gain from the Program Manager Launch Certification? Product Expertise that I can share with our future team members. 

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  1. What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified?

I’d like to ensure that I use all of the available and relevant functionality of Gong in my organisation. I hope that the certification programme will help me get there!

I am very excited to take on this course as I would want to be a subject matter expert in Gong and be able to utilize Gong in most use case scenarios related to messaging and maintaining the quality of the conversations from AE/BDR/SDR.

My goal in going through the Program Manager Launch certification is to understand Gong holistically and to make sure that the launch of Gong goes as smoothly as possible.


What is at least one thing you want to learn during the Program Manager Launch Certification? 


i would like to ensure I am setting my team up for success. 


My goal is to be able to use Gong and access all the relevant features that can make my team and company stronger. There is a ton of data collected by Gong that sometimes is not used and I want to empower my teams to learn how to use this to the best of their abilities. 

Q: What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified?

A: My goal going through this course to become fully equipped to helm and optimize Gong for my company. I don’t know the platform very well. This course will hopefully change that!

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As a CSM at Gong, it is important for me to be educated on the resources I am recommending to my clients. I am looking forward to becoming Gong Launch Certified so I can be even more of a strategic partner!


My goal for this certification program is to review features and best practices, so I can conduct a gap analysis and identify opportunities for improvement. 


My goal in becoming certified is to understand the certification process I’m recommending to my customers and to learn how to best support my Program Managers through the launch process and beyond.  

I want to increase my ability to strategically use trackers so that I can help problem solve across the org with the BDR team, AE team, CS team, and help answer product questions 

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To better understand Gong and all of its capabilities and how it can be beneficial to myself and my sales team!

My main goal in going through this course is to serve as the main resource to my team as we implement gong into our everyday work lives. One key takeaway I’d like to learn about is how gong integrates with some of the other tools in our tech stack.  I would like to be able to train new hires on Gong, share best practices and make Medisafe sales team more efficient in their selling process. 

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Hello All! 👋 My goal in becoming Launch Certified is simple -- to learn the art of the possible!  I am a 2x Gong customer and KNOW the amazing impact Gong has (and can have).  I am looking forward to discovering new things and leveraging that learning to build a best-in-class use case for our GTM teams. 🚀

Hello, everyone!


I am very interested in learning the ins and outs of the “Call Review” features in Gong, as well as how Gong can help us identify deal risk. Our Sales Department is brand new so Gong will be helping us build and assess best practices as we grow… looking forward to having this new tool on board! 

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My Goal in becoming Launch certified is to better understand the crucial communications that need to be delivered to users in order to facilitate an effective rollout. Gong is such a powerful tool that holds so much potential for individuals and organizations but so much of that success hinges on how it is introduced and messaged and the way it is positioned in terms of the planned use and anticipated wins. 

My main goal in becoming certified is to best understand how to leverage the Deals tab. As Enablement Lead, I want to know where our deals get stuck and why. I also know there are so many things in Gong that I don’t know, but you don’t know what you don’t know! So I’m hoping to learn what other tools and tips/tricks there are for me to be better at my job.

My goals in becoming certified are:

  • Understand best practices in Gong implementations overall
  • As a revenue leader what best practices can I implement for my team
  • As a business partner what best practices can be brought to work with our Enablement team specifically and generally to our work cross-departmentally 

Gong is a powerful tool but it also needs a strategy for driving adoption and change in the organization. Although we’re 100% invested in Gong as an enablement team supported by our leadership, my belief is that having a greater understanding of the tool execution will help drive further adoption, use case identification and skills needed to embed Gong usage into the fabric of our business to drive growth. My goal with Gong is to unlock the insights that help us drive strategic and tactical decision-making as an enablement team while we support go-to-market. Launch certification helps me and it helps my team be the experts we need to be to leverage Gong to it’s fullest potential while best serving our internal stakeholders. Embedding Gong into my daily cadence will help me stay up to date with the latest capabilities, common use cases and help map pathways for future use. Lastly, Gong is a key tool for us to measure enablement impact and critical for our success as a growth function.


What is your goal in becoming Launch Certified?

I hope to walk away educated on all fronts on what it takes to have a successful launch of Gong and what key tips and tricks there are that make the value of Gong recognizable early. Gong has a lot of nooks and crannies and I want to ensure even those are explored so that I can ensure success of those I work with.


My goal = ensuring I’m educated enough guide everyone I work with through a seamless and impactful Launch of our product.